Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Ride…


Over Christmas break Mackaylan learned how to ride her bike without training wheels.  Mickey worked very diligently with her until she mastered the art of two wheels! A few words that come to mind that describe our learning-to-ride-a-bike process are:

Persistence:  Let me tell you, there were times when I wanted to cry as I watched my baby girl fall over, get back up, fall over, get back up…  However, she was determined and would get right back up, listen to her daddy’s tips and try again!


Patience:  This word describes my wonderful husband!  He made it his personal mission to help Mackaylan reach her goal.  He provided just the right amount of advice and encouragement that enabled her to experience success!


Practice:  Mackaylan practiced multiple times a day.  Their favorite place to go ride is up at the school because it provides a relatively flat, traffic free, area.


Parental Support:  Even though Mickey is the one who receives satisfaction in saying he taught his daughter how to ride a bike, you can tell by these smiles that Lydia and I were definitely her biggest fans throughout the entire process!!IMG_0049

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