Saturday, January 28, 2012

Turning 33….


My sister and I are exactly 9 years and 1 week apart.  This means while I don’t remember us really “growing up” together it is hard for me to remember any of the special memories from my teenage and adult years that she isn’t apart of!  She is truly one of my best friends! From weddings to childbirths to weight loss she is always at my side with an encouraging word, sweet smile, and lots of love!  I can’t imagine celebrating my birthday with anyone else!

DSC_0008Happy Birthday to YOU!

DSC_0010Granny and Lydia getting an iPad tutorial from Boyce.

DSC_0015Who says girls can’t have fun playing with trucks?!

IMG_0140          Boyce and Grandaddy… 2 Carolina fans!    

                                   IMG_0144  Mackaylan playing the Wii

IMG_0147                                     My new coat.  LOVE IT!

IMG_0163“Gift cards are my love language!”  No greater words have ever  been spoken… haha

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