Monday, June 24, 2013

The Lodge IS Great!

For the past 3 years my sister and I have started our summer by taking the kiddos to Great Wolf Lodge, and this year was no exception!  Since Lydia has been born, my mom has joined us on the trip to assist as needed (aka help with Lydia!)  This year we were even more blessed because my mom and dad paid for the 2-night stay and then we were able to extend our stay for another night for a very reduced rate!  Score!

So, without further ado, here are 10 reasons why we love GWL(in no particular order):

1-Build-a-Wolf:  Makaylan and Lydia had a blast building their characters and picking out their outfits.  Lydia knew exactly which character she wanted to build and told us immediately it was going to be Wylie.  I didn’t even know who she was talking about, but Mackaylan informed me that she picked it up from the GWL television station in the room that had been on. 

 build a wolf

2- Lodging:  The kiddos loved the fact that they had their own “room” within our room.  It provided them with a little “privacy” and gave the adults a little more space as well.  While Lydia slept with me on the pull-out couch, she loved spending time on the top bunk with Eli.


3- Doughnuts- We always enjoy doughnuts from Dunkin’ Doughnuts while in the Lodge! Friday on our visit was actually National Doughnut Day and of course we had to celebrate!

doughnut day

4- Storytime- Each night at 8:00PM all of the kids are invited to attend storytime in the lobby in their pajamas. Lydia really enjoyed going to this.  She was mesmerized by the singing animals at the beginning and wasn’t very happy when that part was over! 


5- MagicQuest- This year Boyce, Eli and Mackaylan enjoyed MagicQuest.  One thing I love about GWL is the safe environment.  The kids loved running all around the floors trying to complete each mission.  By the end of our stay this time “Team Lady KK” even made the Leaderboard!

magic quest

magic quest score

KK magic quest

6- The Wave Pool- Mackaylan loves all of the waterslides, but her favorite thing to do is to play in the wave pool.  She loves to dive through the waves and swim around.  Lydia also loved the wave pool, but all she wanted to do was jump, jump, jump the waves!



7- Kiddie Zone- GWL really has something for everyone!  While the older kids loved the waterslides and wave pool, Lydia loved strolling around observing and playing in the kid area.  She really enjoyed the jet ski and being able to squirt water on other kids and her mommy!


jet ski lydia

8- Pools- I already mentioned the wave pool, but there is also another indoor pool with basketball goals, a lily pad challenge, and other animals to get on.  The outdoor pool also has basketball goals and a huge fountain that comes on every time the wolf howls!  





9- Adventure- Each time we go to GWL it is an adventure.  This year we ventured out one evening and ate at Sonic.  The kids loved being able to order from the table and watching the waitresses on their roller skates.  And eating outside was another added bonus!


However, probably the highlight of the trip this year was Granny getting her hair wet and going down 2 water slides!!  What a memory!  Definitely something that I will remember forever. :)

wet linda

10- Family Fun- I guess the main reason I love going to GWL is because it represents family to me!  From the moment you arrive on the property you sense that families are important.  You feel safe.  You have fun!  From MagicQuest to Scoops Spa, there truly is something for everyone! We always have a great time and start planning our return before we even leave!

me and girls

boyce and granny entrance





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