Saturday, November 8, 2014

Guess What??

It's hard to believe that I am just getting around to announcing this here on the blog, but......

Yep, the O'Shields are expecting baby #3!  It was quite a surprise, but we are all so excited! 

To get you up to speed....

How I told Mickey:  Mickey called it from the beginning.  I was craving hot wings like a mad woman and I never really eat hot wings much less call Pizza Hut and only order that! :) I was also "glowing" or so he said.  I tried to convince him it was the Plexus, but he kept saying, "No, you are pregnant!"  After about 2 weeks I decided to take a test.  

I stopped by Dollar General in town and grabbed a middle of the line test to take home and try.  The thing about living in a small town is everyone knows (or wants to know) everyone else's business so I had to "hide" it in my buggy as I walked around the store until everyone I knew had left.  It was pretty humorous! I couldn't believe it when 2 lines showed up.  It was surreal.  I tried to think of lots of creative ways to tell Mickey, but I didn't have much time and honestly just couldn't think very clearly.  

So, that night when he arrive home from work he gave me a big hug and I just greeted him with, "Well, you were right!  I'm pregnant!"  After the initial shock he was thrilled!  

How we told the girls:  We waited until we were ready to tell our families and friends to tell the girls b/c I knew that it wouldn't be a secret they could keep.  I told them that Sissy needed some new pictures for her classroom so they agreed to a mini photo shoot one afternoon.  I told them to hold the blank piece of paper and I would photoshop their names on them.  However, instead of typing their names I typed in Big Sister.... Again! and Middle Sister.  After I had the pictures printed we called a "family meeting" to show them the pics.  Of course, Lydia couldn't read hers, but Mackaylan knew exactly what it meant. They were so excited, but Mackaylan wanted to know why all of our kids are born within just a few weeks of each other! Ha.  Needless to say, we didn't go there!  

How we told our families:  We used the same pics to tell our families!  They were very surprised, but so excited! (These are all the pictures I have, but you can at least kind of see my sister's reaction!)

I am already 1/2 way along so we will find out on Monday what Baby #3 is going to be.  Today we are going shopping to get some "supplies" for the big gender reveal!  It will be on Monday night.  I will get a blog post up as soon as possible, but I am sure it will be posted on Instagram (lanagamma) before it is here so feel free to follow me there and you can follow along! :)

Have a great weekend! 


Tracy said...

OH my goodness!!! How exciting! Congrats! How are you feeling?

Sherry said...

Glad you finally "spilled the beans" on here! Hehe! So I guess you guys are like us and have all birthdays within a few weeks. We will have two March birthdays (likely) and an April. :-)