Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chicken Crescents

We usually go out to lunch on Sundays after church,  but since Ace and I were home, I decided to cook for my family (be impressed,  friends! ) I have tried similar versions of this recipe in the past,  but this morning while browsing Pinterest I think I found the secret ingredient...Ranch Dressing Mix. It really added a nice touch. The best part about this recipe is it is simple and you can mix up the filling and then pop it in the fridge until you are ready to bake the crescents.  Score! I can already tell that this recipe will become a staple here over the next few months, esp. with a nursing baby who seems to have his "fussy" time late in the afternoon/early evening when supper needs to be prepared.  My mom, one of the most efficient people I know, gave me this bit of advice when she was staying with us a few weeks ago. .. "Do what you can to prepare parts of  supper while he naps in the afternoon."  So, taking that to heart, I can make this filling during his afternoon nap and then all I will have to do is recruit my big girls to help assemble the crescents and then bake. ;) Add a veggie and VOILA! We have dinner.

3 chicken breasts, shredded
1 block cream cheese, softened
1 bag of Mexican Style shredded cheese
1/2 pack of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix
"Splash" of milk
1 can cresent rolls
Butter, melted
Bread Crumbs

1. Boil chicken and shred.
2. Mix together the shredded chicken, bag of cheese, cream cheese, a little milk (just enough to make the mixture mix well), and the dressing mix.
3. Spoon the mixture into the crescents and roll up.
4. Brush melter butter on each crescent and sprinkle with Italian Bread Crumbs.
4. Bake at 350 for approximately 10 minutes.
5. Serve with a veggie or salad.
6. Enjoy!!

Let me know if you give these a try or if you have another quick, easy, and delicious recipe that this mama can handle as she continues to adjust to life as a family of 5!

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Tracy said...

This seriously made my mouth water! It looks so good! I started a low carb diet last week, but I'm going to pin it for future purposes. =)

Heaven Smiling said...

I love this kind of stuff. I actually just made my recipe and photographed it for a new post in the near future. You can't go wrong with a recipe like this. Mine is different enough from yours that I'm pinning yours for future reference.

Amanda Evans said...

Ooh this looks really good! I can't wait to try it! Thanks for linking up at MeetUp Monday - Hope to see you there again this week!