Friday, June 26, 2015

Disney Day 1: Epcot

Last Friday we loaded up the car and headed to Florida for a quick Disney getaway!  We aren't ones for spending months planning, scheduling, or reserving, and we had loads of fun nonetheless!  

We didn't get checked in to our resort until late Friday night so the kiddos didn't get their "Welcome Bags" until the woke up on Saturday morning.  Each bag had goodies that I had purchased before the trip like Disney water bottles, t-shirts, light-up wands, stuffed animals, etc.  I knew the items would be much cheaper from Amazon than if we waited to purchase them at the park.  The girls loved their goodies, and Ace seemed very content with his Mickey Mouse stuffed animal and paci.  

After breakfast, we headed to Epcot.  We got there pretty early which meant we got a good parking space not far from the entrance and we were able to ride several of the big attractions with little to no wait.

In the afternoon we headed over to the World Showcase to eat lunch and visit with as many characters as we could. This was Lydia's favorite part! 

The heat was terrible, but we were able to cool off in various country's exhibits that were located indoors.  This was a lifesaver for sure.  We also had to seek shelter when it started thundering and lightening.  It never rained on us until we were headed to the car, but the storm clouds did cool it down quite a bit so we were thankful for those!  

We were so happy that Grams and Pop O were able to make this trip with us.  We love any chance we get to spend time as a family, and this trip was no exception! We all took turns riding the rides and sitting out with Ace when he couldn't ride or was asleep.  Having an extra set of hands and eyes was definitely a blessing! 

 We left Epcot around 6PM, grabbed a bite to eat, and returned to our resort.  You can tell by the looks on these faces that Day 1 was a success.  There were smiles all around and memories were made that would last a lifetime! 


Tracy said...

Looks like so much fun!!! We've never been to Disney World. I think Addi and Karsyn would flip out if they saw all of the characters. Can't wait to read all about the rest of your trip.

Sherry said...

So jealous! We can't wait to go back to Disney. We went when Brody was one so I know he would love all the characters now. I like how you do things more spontaneous. I didn't buy my kids a lot of expensive souvenirs on our trip either. I gave them those stuffed Mickeys before we left home to take with them. I think the most expensive things we bought were several light sabres Evan built at Hollywood Studios. That was definitely his favorite park at the time. I loved Epson though and want to explore it more and eat there more when we go back. I didn't want to make too many advance restaurant reservations when we went with a one year old since I knew that would be unpredictable. ;-)

Sherry said...

Epcot ... My stupid phone changed that! :-(

The Price Family! said...

We loved Epcot, but it began to rain on us around lunch and we headed back to the room early so we didn't get to spend as much time there as we wanted.