Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Kick-Off at Great Wolf Lodge

For the past 6 years (with the exception of one) my sister and I have started off our summer by taking the kiddos to GWL. It's a fun tradition that everyone loves... including the adults!  This year we went right at the beginning of June so many of the schools in NC were still in session which meant we never really had to wait in line at all.  Also, since it was so early in the summer they were still giving out their "spring wolf ears" for us to add to our collection!

Each morning we started our day with breakfast from Dunkin Donuts (onsite) and then hit up the waterpark.  If you get down to the water right when they open you can usually ride everything you want to ride multiple times without a wait at all!  The same holds true for later in the day as well.  

Ace didn't really get in the water this year except to have his picture made, but we still had to put on his bathing suits each morning because he was just "so adorable" in them according to Lydia!

Since Mickey's main project is in NC near the watermark he was able to come up one evening and enjoy the water with us.  We had to pay extra to get him a day pass, but it was totally worth it.  The girls and I loved having him there, and he even convinced Mackaylan to ride the Howlin' Tornado!

Lydia loved the slides this year!  She constantly wanted to ride "the green tube" and the "racing tubes!"  Next year she will probably be tall enough to do them all so that will be fun.  She is definitely our little thrill-seeker! :) 

I am so very thankful for the past few years that my mom has joined this excursion to help me out with the little ones.  This year she had it made with Ace, but next year there may not be very much sitting by the pool relaxing because he will be all into the fun!

There is plenty to do onsite that you really never have to leave once you get there.  However, shopping is my hobby so you know we have to hit up the outlet mall nearby- ha! It is also tradition to ride the carousel in the Food Court so Lydia was not going to let that opportunity pass her by.  

 It was also good practice for Ace as we prepare for our upcoming trip to Disney! I'm not sure if he liked it our not.  He just sat with this look on his face the entire time! LOL

Each night there is a story time around 8:00 and then the little ones can meet a character and have their picture made.  This was right up Lydia's alley.  Of course, Ace and I enjoyed it too!

When we go to Chick-fil-a or Chuck E Cheese Lydia is always the kid that will not leave the mascot alone.  She will stalk them out and follow them around like crazy.  Isn't it funny how some kids have such fear of these characters and others do not?  I always find that intriguing.  Anyway, with that being said, she absolutely LOVED meeting any character she could during our trip and having her picture made.

On the last day before we headed home, Eli and Mackaylan played a bit of MagicQuest,  the girls and I enjoyed a few slides together, Mackaylan raced the boys and Tia on the racing mats (one of her faves!), and Lydia and Granny finally endured the line to get her face painted!  

It was definitely a perfect start to #oshieldssummer2015!


Tracy said...

That looks like so much fun! The wolf ear pictures are just too cute! I think Lydia and Karsyn would be good friends! She's such a thrill seeker too. =) We have two GWL both within 4 hours from our house. I have really looked into going several times. This post makes me really want to go now. It just looks like so much fun!

Sherry said...

So funny how familiar I am with all those spots. We only went to that GWL once for my nephew's birthday, and the kids had a blast. It just didn't feel like a vacation destination so close to home I guess. I was actually born in Concord/Kannapolis area. I have pics of my kids on that carousel. Wish we could have met you all if we still lived in that area. We did pass through Charlotte last weekend on our way home from Asheville, and it was bitter sweet seeing our old home again. I love all the pictures of the kids having fun in the water. Little man Ace is getting so big! I feel like that just happens too fast, especially with number three or four. Sigh.

The Price Family! said...

We have yet to make it to GWL, we have really got to work on that. I always love reading your blog about your annual trip.