Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Girls in Action

Mackaylan had a great year in GAs at LFBC.  She has learned so much about the Bible, and I have watched her relationship with Christ grow right before my eyes.  Nothing makes this mama happier than to see her little girl sitting up in her bed completing her devotional on her own.  She has a journal where she records what she is learning through her Jesus Calling for Kids devotional, and age has even started memorizing scripture.  She is a great influence of me, that's for sure!

Anyway, last Sunday the GAs shared with the congregation their learnings from this year.  At the end of the service, each girl was presented their own quilt that she had helped design over the past few months by coloring the picture that matched her favorite story.

Mackaylan had told me several times that they were working on a quilt, but I had no clue that it was a real quilt.  Each fabric square represents a story of the Bible that they had learned about. The teacher in me was thinking it was going to be a paper quilt sewn together with yarn. Boy, was I mistaken!

After the service the girls stood in designated areas so that church members could stop by and admire the quilt up close.  This quilt is an awesome keepsake that Mackaylan can use to share with her daughter one day about the wonderful, love of Christ!


Tracy said...

The quilt is so pretty! Great job Mackaylan! It's so exciting to see our kids growing in the Lord. I love it when they inspire us in our own walk.

The Price Family! said...

How awesome!!!