Thursday, December 31, 2015

Keeping it Real

While you can tell from the previous post that we had a great Christmas.  I must keep it real and also document that this Christmas has also been full of sickies and trips back and forth to the doctor.

Our break started off with a trip to the doctor on Friday night that ended with a RSV diagnosis with sweet, Baby Ace!  Since it is a visas there is not much you can do, but we did end up getting a breathing machine and giving him breathing treatments to alleviate some of the symptoms and open up those airways.  He wasn't the biggest fan of the treatments, but I figured out if I could time them with his morning nap and bedtime I would wait until he fell asleep and then hold the mask on his face.  That worked like a charm!

 On Christmas Eve, Lydia woke up with a low-grade fever.  She had already been having a nasty cough (which we have battling on and off for about 2 months) so I called and made her appointment. After a "diagnosis" of allergies we were sent home and told to try Claritin and honey to soothe her sore throat! 

 Fast forward to the 26th.... 2 days later.  Her fever had been getting higher everyday.  When it peaked at over 103 on the 26th we called the nurse on call.  After answering a few questions and hearing a bit of her history we were told to get her to the ER "right now" because she needed to be evaluated by a doctor.  It was a wild few minutes as we worked to get everyone dressed and out the door!  Thank goodness Grams and Aunt Betsi were at the house so they helped get Mac to my mom's (because we were to be celebrating Christmas with them that night) and Ace went to Grams' house to stay with them until we could get back.  Mac was in tears for her sister, Lydia was in tears b/c she thought she wasn't going to get any presents at Granny's, and I was fighting back tears because just 2 days ago we were told it was allergies and I knew then something wasn't right!!!

After a big does of Tylenol, a dose of an antibiotic and a steroid, a breathing treatment and a chest x-ray, we left with a diagnosis of bronchitis, an ear infection, and the beginning stages of pneumonia in both lungs!!!  Really, allergies?!?  I'm just happy that we called the nurse, followed her advice, and we were seen in a timely manner.  We were only there about 2 hours total and were able to get to Granny's just in time for gifts and dessert! 

I took Lydia back yesterday for a follow-up and she is still wheezing pretty bad so her doctor wants to continue her on the steroid for a few more days and added in a dose of Singulair every night for the next few months until we are out of cold/flu season.  We go back next week for another recheck!

While we were there, I went ahead and had him check Ace to make sure he sounded okay.  He is still coughing pretty bad at night, but has just been fussier than normal.  Well... we left with a diagnosis of a double ear infection for that little guy!  CRAZY!

Let's just say, I am so thankful for doctors and modern medicine, but I am so sick of having to visit them.  We are praying that this next round of steroids will knock this out of Lydia and she will be ready to start back to school 100%!  And while Ace, isn't acting like he is in pain (or even running a fever), I want those ears to clear up so he can be back to full-speed too!

Here's to a healthy start of 2016!


Tracy said...

Bless your heart, you all have had it rough. It makes me very angry that they can mistake such illness for just allergies. I can only imagine how you felt. Ugh! I'm glad that they are all on the mend now. We've had our fair share of sickness too over Christmas break. I hope everyone gets to feeling 100% soon.

The Price Family! said...

What a rough holiday! I hate that feeling of knowing there is something more, yet doctor does not see it.

Sherry said...

Ugh, I knew you guys had dealt with some sickness, but I didn't know it was so much. I hope sweet Lydia and Ace are on the mend now and feeling much better. This cold spell we have been hit with after our almost 80 degree Christmas is probably not helping very much though. Sigh.