Friday, March 5, 2010

Things I am Loving.....

Here are a few things that I am loving right now.....

1- Clinque Quickliner for Eyes- Some people feel naked without lipstick. For me, it's my eyeliner! I have tried many different products and have finally found the one for me. I heart this stuff! I can put it on early in the morning and it still looks good as new when I fall into bed at night!
2- Danny Gokey's album- My Best Days- I'm not really a country music fan y'all, but I am a Danny Gokey fan! After I saw him perform on American Idol last night I rushed to the computer and downloaded the entire album onto my iPod. Woo hoo!
3- Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure- I haven't mentioned it on the blog yet, but since the beginning of the year (January 1st) I have been limiting my carbs and sugars. For a sugar addict like me, this has been a challenge, but I am sticking with it. So far, I have lost a total of 24 pounds! Woot! I still have about 25 more to get to my goal weight, but am loving the results so far.
Those are just a few of the things I am lovin' right now. What about you?

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The Sparks said...

Lana - I am so proud of you!!! You have inspired me.