Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Under the Sea.....

Last night we celebrated Mackaylan's birthday with family and some of our friends that we consider family! Mackaylan chose the theme- The Little Mermaid- and I tried my best to make it as thematic as possible.

For dinner we enjoyed a Low Country Boil complete with shrimp and sausage. We always eat that in the summer when we are at the beach so I thought it would be a perfect meal to serve to a large crowd- and it kept with the theme!

The kids enjoyed playing outside,

taking a "pull" at the pinata,

watching a live reinactment of The Little Mermaid by Mackaylan (Ariel), Grams (Sebastian), and Pop-O (Prince Eric),

opening presents,

and eating cake and icecream.

Speaking of cake.... take a look at this creation. My loving, creative, fun, Martha-Stewart-type-of-friend Dawn whipped this up. Isn't she beautiful? Mackaylan was in awe (as were the rest of the kids and adults at the party!)
This was definitely a party to remember! Happy early Birthday, Mackaylan! :)

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