Sunday, March 20, 2011

37 Weeks!


Size of baby: Baby O weighs around 6 lbs and is about 19-20 inches long.  The doctor did tell me at my appointment last week that he thought I was “growing a big baby” because I was measuring a little ahead.  I am not sure if that is the case or not because they thought Mackaylan was going to be big and she was only 7.8 lbs.  However, I do feel like she is a lot bigger than Mackaylan.  We are both growing like crazy.  It’s amazing how much my stomach has grown in the past few weeks.

Gain/Loss: ? I'm trying to avoid the scale :) However, after looking at this picture I am beginning to think that maybe it isn’t all “just baby weight” like my friends/family keep telling me.  Oh, the joys, of pregnancy!

Maternity Clothes: Oh, yes! I can actually still wear quite a few of my pre-weight loss tops from Lane Bryant, but the pants have to be maternity.  

Gender: Girl!  Her name will be Lydia.   

Movement: Yes! She is a very active little girl, and I love it! However, I do think she may be running out of room because she doesn’t seem to be practicing her tumbling quite as much!   Her movements are more just shifting.  I guess we are both to the uncomfortable stage! She is most active in the afternoon and at night.

Sleep: Sound sleep is slowly becoming a thing of the past.  It feels like it takes forever to roll over and I am trying to sleep on my side instead of my back and that is hard for me.  I have also found that when I wake up in the middle of the night my mind starts racing and it is hard to get back to sleep.  I guess it is just my body’s way of preparing for the sleepless nights ahead, right?!

What I miss: Nothing but my ankles! My feet are and ankles are swelling BIG TIME!  Flip flops have become my best friend so I am so happy that the weather is warming up. 

Cravings: Lately I haven’t really had any cravings so to speak, but I have developed an aversion to chicken and/or white meat unless it is disguised in a casserole or fried!   

Symptoms: I have definitely been more emotional with this baby, but some will argue that has nothing to do with pregnancy! *wink*wink* 

Best moment this week: Last Sunday a few of my friends and family threw me another baby shower.  It was so much fun! We are so blessed to be surrounded by people who love us so much!   

Update/Extra information: I go back to the doctor this coming Wednesday.  I can’t believe I am already on a weekly rotation and Lydia Avanelle will be here in just a few weeks.  Now we are in the last stages of preparation and making sure everything is in order for her arrival! 


Christie Thien said...

You look beautiful!

The Price Family! said...

You look GREAT!! And I love the name! Its beautiful!

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh..almost time! And you look awesome!! I remember being so anxious the last couple of weeks!

And wow..another baby shower?? You are blessed, girl!