Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday and More (the Wednesday edition!)….

Being the week before Lydia arrives and Spring Break, I am trying very hard to manage all of the tasks on my to-do list plus make time for plenty of fun.  Yesterday Mackaylan and I decided to stay in the house and we tackled quite a few projects which made me very happy.  Here are some of things that got accomplished:

  • Mackaylan and I packed up her winter clothes, tried on spring hand-me-downs and organized everything in her closet.
  • Laundry…. 3 loads. Need I say more?
  • I unloaded the dishwasher and washed the remaining dishes so the sink would be empty.
  • I ordered Mackaylan’s “Big Sister” present.
  • Mackaylan and I made cookies, played Uno, built a block castle, caught up on last week’s American Idol, and made some jewelry.

Mickey was able to come home for lunch and that was a very nice surprise.  We enjoyed a nice lunch of potato skins and a salad.  Before he had to head back to work, I snapped this adorable shot:


Last night we spent the evening with some of our best friends- the Sparks and the Adkins.  It is always a lot of fun when our families get together.  We don’t get to do it often, but they are the type of friends that we are able to pick up right where we left off the last time we were together.  Before we left, we all gathered together and spent some time in prayer for this precious baby that will arrive in just a few days.  That part of the evening was very special to me. 



By the way, be sure to keep an eye on Alyssa’s blog for the recipe for this DELICIOUS coconut cake.  She has lots of other recipes that I know you will enjoy as well. 


Hope you are having a great week!


Sarah Pirolli said...

Aw I didn't notice that you are naming your little girl Lydia! Good choice. :) Good luck with everything regarding her arrival!

The Sparks said...

We enjoyed our evening so much! We treasure your friendship and can't wait to add another little one to the mix.

Love you all!

jodi @ back40life said...

know you're getting excited! hope these next few days pass quickly and peacefully for you! we'll be thinking of you guys!