Thursday, April 2, 2009

Look Who's 4!!!

Today is my DD's 4th birthday! I can't believe how time flies. It was only 4 yrs. ago that the Lord blessed our family with her beautiful smile and sweet spirit! Now, I can't imagine life without her! Below is a list of Fun Facts about Mackaylan at this stage in her life!

At the age of 4, Mackaylan.....

- loves to watch "the singing show"- American Idol
- watches High School Musical repeatedly
- enjoys taking dance (tap and ballet)
- shares a "special kiss" with her mommy- from HSM 2!
- gives "butterfly kisses" to her daddy everyday
- has many names- Mackaylan, KK, Mac, Mac-a-doodle,
Doodle Bug, and sometimes Sarah Allen :)
- favorite foods are PopTarts, chicken nuggets, PB sandwiches
and cheese dip
- Pepsi/Sprite are her favorite drinks
- is a huge helper around the house
- always on the go
- had her first sleepover w/ friends last weekend
- entertains her imaginary friends Casey and Dizzy often
- generous heart
- is finally #2 potty trained w/ the help of many dollar bills
- makes me laugh when she says"Mom, it sure is froggy
outside this morning!"
- another cute phrase "Oh, I have an eyeflash in my eye!"
- changes clothes MANY times a day
- loves watching The Backyardigans, Wonder Pets,
Max and Ruby and anything else on Noggin
- loves Jesus and going to church
- enjoys singing
- would rather play with decorations around the house
than her toys
- loves to help daddy feed Sima
- likes to play outside on her "playground!"
- wears dresses almost everyday
- loves going to daddy's 4-wheeler races with the family
- has lots of friends of all ages
- is often called "chatter box" b/c she talks non-stop!
- has a large vocabulary
- loves learning the meaning of new words
- is anticipating a trip to Disney World in the future
- wants a baby brother or sister about as much as
her mom/dad do!
- is blessed with grandparents who allow her to
"spend over the night" often!
- is loved so much by her ENTIRE family
- loves pink and anything "girlie"
- has a vivid imagination and can pretend play for
hours on end
- preceeds most sentences with "____, I need to tell
you something!"

...and the list could go on and on!

Happy 4th Birthday, Mackaylan! We love you!


Christie said...

I didn't realize how much she and Baylee are alike!

The Sparks said...

Yay for #2 potty trained!!!