Friday, April 10, 2009

Phillipians 3:14

Ok...let's just say that I didn't do so well with my daily goals this week. I think they are all achievable I just need to remind myself each morning of what they are. I think I am going to write them down and tape them to the bathroom mirror so I will be reminded each and every morning! As far as the weekly goals go, I was successful in all 3! Yippee! I attended all of my therapy sessions, read the book Moment of Weakness, and memorized 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. I was also successful about making our beds each morning and conducting the "Clean Sweep" before bed. The project for the week was to organize KK's clothes/toys. My mom came down and helped me complete this task. It felt so good to get this accomplished! Overall, I feel like it was a successful week. I like the accountability of participating in Which Proverbs 14:1 Woman? Philippians 3:14 Fridays. It may be just what you need as well! Head on over and check it out!

Goals for the week of April 12-18

- drink 64 oz. of water daily

- NO soda/tea (I really want to do this one!!!)

- exercise daily (walk, walk..I downloaded Mandisa's new album so I am ready for this one!)

- memorize one Bible verse

- read one book

-organize jewelry

-M&M time- quality time each day with Mackaylan (craft, game, outdoor activity, etc.)


Charlene said...

You sound like you're doing well overall, regardless of not doing the daily tasks! This has helped me so much, knowing that I've put it "out there" for the whole world to see!

Kate said...

Great job with your weekly goals! As for your daily goals, definitely post them somewhere! One thing that's helped me is to put a reminder in the appropriate place. For example, you might stick a note to your bathroom mirror that says "Floss teeth" so you'll see it at the right time, when you're brushing your teeth. That make sense?

"Which Proverbs 14:1 Woman?"

Kelly said...

Great job! Don't be discouraged about the daily goals. You did great with the other goals/projects!