Monday, December 13, 2010

CGS Christmas Concert

Last Tuesday night Mackaylan performed in the CGS Christmas Concert. All of the K/1st grade students sang "I'm a Little Snowflake" and "Jingle Bells." I'm glad I got this shot before we left the house because I couldnt' get a pic once she was singing because of the number of kids performing and the fact that our seats were in the very back of the cafeteria. I thought she just looked adorable with her hair up in pigtails! She is growing up so fast!

Following the musical performances, all of the K-5th grade parents were invited to their child's classroom to complete a holiday related literacy activity. Mickey and Grams went with Mackaylan as I scurried around the building taking pictures of all of the grade level activities.

And just in case you want to know how a 5 year old feels about her mom being the leader of the "mama-rozzi".........

PRICELESS!! Have a marvelous Monday!

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