Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Splendiferous Christmas- Part 4

(Some) Reasons why Christmas with the Rush family was so special this year:

1- We had a white Christmas:

2- It was cousin Rory's first Christmas:

3- We were blessed with lots of wonderful food:

4- Gifts were in abundance:

5- We were able to spend time with those we love most- family:

6- After what felt like 1,001 tries we (sort of) got a family photo shoot in the snow plus a few extra pics!

Only one post left to go.....

I hope you had a marvelous Monday! We have been cleaning and organizing, but we need to be finding a home for all of the gifts that are still sitting in the living room. I guess sitting here on the computer is not getting that done, huh?! More later...


Suze said...

Seems like Santa was really good to the o'shields! he was good to me too!!!!! I was flat out spoiled wont lie however i think santa at your house might have been up in the wee hours putting together a 3 story doll house just saying!! We are rather sad to not have J and D with us this christmas and they were rather mad themselves to miss out on white christmas but she being so close to the due date there was NO way she could make a 7hr to 8 hr trek up here -- do ya think?! so we're celebrating with them later! Im itching to get my hands on this baby with no name yet! times ticking away 4-6 weeks and she'll be here!!!! yesss :) im a happy aunt to be! How much longer you got?!

Alicia said...

Wow...looks like such a fun time!! I can tell there is alot of love in your family!