Friday, December 31, 2010

“Cleaning” up 2010

Just in case you are wondering what we have been up to since Christmas….  ORGANIZING!!  This week has been super productive:

1- We rearranged Mackaylan’s room, updated her décor with a new comforter she got for Christmas, unpacked most of her new toys, put together her new dresser, organized her closet, and hung a new curtain.  Need proof?




2- Even though this picture doesn’t do this project justice, we prepared the nursery for the arrival of DD #2.  This was a major task that consisted of cleaning out EVERYTHING from the closet to the chest of drawers to moving out furniture.  I tried to convince Mickey to go ahead and get the crib from the attic, but you can tell from this pic who won that conversation:


3- We put away all of the Christmas décor except for the Willow Tree Nativity.  I just can’t part with it yet.  I love that decoration so much and need just a few more days before packing it away. 


4- Mickey was a trooper the entire week.  Just another reason why I love him so much!  He moved LOTS of furniture, organized all of our files from 2010, cleaned out the garage, climbed the stairs to the attic multiple times, kept me from a major meltdown when putting together KK’s dresser, and more.  He’s definitely a keeper! Smile


So, you can see that we ended 2010 “nesting!”  We are all three going into the new year with these projects tackled and that makes us all very happy (the 5 yr. old included)!DSC_1554

Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You've had a PRODUCTIVE week! Way to go!! Everything looks so clean and organized!!