Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gingerbread House

DSC_0710This past week has been wonderful!  Mickey has been off this week too and we have cleaned, organized, and spent lots of quality time with our family.  I love having Christmas fall right in the middle of our 2 week break from school because it gives us lots of time to prepare and then lots of time to enjoy our new “toys” when it is all said and done.  Here are a few pics from the making of our gingerbread house this week.  We had a lot of fun even if we did put way too much icing! Oh well, I never claimed to be Martha Stewart!! 


As you can see, Lydia had a fun time supervising the construction of the house!  She sat in her highchair and nibbled away on lots of puffs and diced apples… her favorite food of choice these days! :)


And just for fun we set up the tripod to capture a few shots by the tree!  I think the blinking light and the flash on the camera were a shock to Lydia!  I’m sure it won’t be long until she is participating in the “silly shots” too!



Merry Christmas!!!!

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Erika Trevathan said...

We love gingerbread houses at our house too! Merry Christmas!!:)