Thursday, December 22, 2011

Parent Peek Night

DISCLAIMERI am SO behind on my blog post and really need to get caught up since the end of the year is drawing to a close.  The next few post will probably be picture overload without a lot of explanation.  Consider yourself warned!

This year Mackaylan decided that she wanted to take “real” ballet instead of the tap/ballet combination.  She is doing really well and learning a lot.  All of the other girls in her class have been taking for a few years and are 2-3 years older than her, but she is definitely holding her own. Needless to say she has quite a few “mother hens” looking after her each week!  I forgot my camera on Parent Peek Night, but thankfully I was able to snap a few shots with my phone to capture Mackaylan as the prima ballerina in training!

2011-12-13 17.34.412011-12-13 17.58.262011-12-13 18.06.00-12011-12-13 18.15.232011-12-13 18.18.222011-12-13 18.25.08

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