Thursday, December 22, 2011

Traditions… Billy Graham Library 2011


Last year we visited the Billy Graham Library and were able to do all of the nighttime activities… carriage ride, live nativity, hot chocolate, live entertainment, etc. However, with 4 kids under the age of 5 in our group we didn’t brave the long line to complete the actual tour of the library.  So, this year we visited the BGL again with Grams and Pop-O and did the tour.  Let me tell you.. it was fabulous!  Each room was transformed into different places and stages of “Billy Frank’s” life (as Bessie the cow likes to call him!) They have a neat scavenger hunt for the kids that Mackaylan and I enjoyed working on together in each room.  It kept her engaged the entire time. Billy Graham is such an inspiring man with a tremendous heart and passion for the Lord and saving the lost!  If you live in the area I highly recommend visiting the Billy Graham Library.  You will NOT be disappointed!


Following our visit to the Billy Graham Library we went to eat dinner at Aunt Betsi’s and then to church with her.  Dinner was great and the church service put a bow on our already perfect day!


Mackaylan decided this was going to be a new Christmas tradition and I am all in favor of it!

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