Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lydia- 7 Months


Since today Lydia is actually 8 months old I thought I should upload her 7 month post.  I feel like a broken record each month, but it never gets old saying how much we love this little girl and enjoy watching her grow and learn!  She is growing so fast and the older she gets the more Mackaylan loves playing with her.  Speaking of the big sister… she is a tremendous help.  She helps change diapers, keeps toys that are too little away from her, and continues to be the apple of Lydia’s eye.  It’s amazing the bond they share in this short time!  We are all looking forward to Christmas and all of the excitement that comes with that special holiday.  However, keeping Lydia away from the ornaments is going to be a challenge.  She is crawling everywhere and has even started pulling up in the last few days.  So, without further ado, here are 7 highlights from the 7 month of Lydia’s life:

1- Birthday Parties- Lydia had 2 parties that she was invited to this month and one she attended with Mackaylan!  Grey’s party had a Sesame Street theme so she “dressed” as Abby Cadabby!  We also celebrated Granny’s birthday and she enjoyed all of the excitement at Chuck E Cheese for another party too!



2- Lydia Meets Lydia- This month was extra special because Lydia met her namesake.  My mom’s sister- Aunt Gladyes- lives in PA so we do not get to see her except a few times each year.  However, as you can see from the pic, they hit it off right from the beginning!


3- Thanksgiving- Lydia joined us as we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Sparks/Adkins and also as we gathered together with our families.  Our two girls are a reminder each day of how thankful and blessed we are.


4- Crawling- Over the past week Lydia has really taken off!  She is crawling everywhere and beginning to get into everything!  Maybe chasing her around the house will help me lose some of this baby weight I need to get rid of! ha



5- Pulling Up- Over the past few days Lydia has started pulling up on the furniture.  I guess this means we need to lower her crib and pull out the activity table that I wanted to save until Christmas!

6- Christmas Parade- On Thursday night Lydia attended her first of many Christmas parades.  I love our hometown parade and look forward to it each year.  I have watched this parade for many years and love gathering at the top of Oakleaf with family and friends!


7- Visit with Santa- Yesterday I took the girls to meet Santa.  Lydia was mesmerized by his beard and the little boy behind us in line so it was hard to get her to look at the camera.  Nonetheless this was a memory I wanted to cherish forever so of course I got suckered into buying a picture package!


So, there you have it.  Seven fun facts about the most precious little 7 month old in the Upstate! We love you, Lydia!

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Joeylee said...

She is adorable & getting so big. We're taking the girls to see Santa this week