Monday, May 25, 2015

One Marvelous Mother's Day

I had a very special Mother's Day!  We spent the weekend celebrating with family.  On Saturday, we traveled to Newberry for a cookout with Mickey's aunt and family.  The girls had a great time swimming in the pool, and it was nice for the adults to sit and catch up on life.  This was Ace's first road trip and despite one unexpected stop to calm him down he was a trooper.  We timed it right between feedings and once he fell asleep he was a-okay!

On Sunday, we went to church and then went out to eat lunch with Mickey's mom.  After lunch, Mickey, Ace, and I came home for a nap while the girls stayed with Grams and Pop-O.  We went back later in the afternoon to hang out before we headed to my sister's house to celebrate my mom.

At my sister's house, we ate pizza and the kiddos all played and enjoyed being together.  I just love this picture of my mom with all 5 of her grands!

As far as gifts are concerned, I was spoiled as usual.  My daddy sent me a beautiful bouquet on behalf of the three kiddos that made me a mother.  My dear husband gave me a frame (complete with pictures) that was so thoughtful and I just love.  I am wonderful at taking pictures, but the pictures just hang out in my phone, on my camera, or here on the blog!  I have frames all over my house that need pictures added so it was wonderful to get a frame that was already complete!  Mackaylan gave me a tin that had little slips of paper of reasons why she loves me.  Yes, I teared up while reading the reasons... so special!  And, last but not least, Lydia gave me a card and a set of coasters that she made at church. 


Yes, the gifts were wonderful (since that is my love language), but what I love most is getting to do life with these little people who call me mom (and wife.)  It's hard work, but there is nothing else I would rather do.  I thank God daily that he entrusted me to be their mom.  It's the best job ever!

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Tracy said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day!