Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Now that Ace is 2 months old, I know it is time to get serious about losing all of this baby weight.  I decided to sign up for WW Online because I know that it is a plan that allows you to eat anything, but in moderation. I have been successful with the low carb/low sugar diet in the past, but it is not something that I can stick with longterm.  I have kids.  I have a family.  We like to eat and celebrate.  If I want this to truly be a way of life then I have to follow a plan that allows me to bake the cake and eat a slice too!

This past week was my first week on the WW plan and I lost a little over 5 pounds.  Woo hoo! Needless to say, I was thrilled!  I know that my loss will not be that big every week, but I will take it while I can.  Since I am exclusively breastfeeding I am allowed extra points so there are many days that I don't use all of my points or am able to enjoy a bowl of cereal before bed because I have some points left over.  It was important for me to find something that took into account the fact that I was breastfeeding because it really does make me hungrier than normal and I need food to nourish my body and my baby boy!

I am loving the accountability that I have found on Instagram and all of the food ideas as well.  It is social media at it's best.  Trust me!  Right now I am posting this journey on my regular Instagram account, but most people have a different account for WW.  For me, it is too difficult to have to worry about logging in and out several times a day.  My Instagram account is a way to document my life and right now that includes WW.  :)

One thing that I need to improve upon is my exercise.  Ace and I have been walking a few mornings each week and I tried out a new Zumba class last Thursday, but I need to set a schedule and stick to it.         I would love to try a new exercise DVD so if you have one that you love please leave me a comment and let me know.  It is easy to walk when it is just Ace, but school is almost out for the summer and that means I will have all 3 kiddos at home most days so walking outdoors will be out of the question.

With this post each week, I would like to share some of my favorite recipes and progress from the week before.  And hopefully, between my accountability on Instagram and here on the blog, by the time school starts back I will be able to fit back into (at least some) of my pre-pregnancy pants.

This week, one of our favorite treats were these fake ice cream sandwiches.  All you do is take 2 chocolate graham crackers, spread with 2 Tbs of FF Cool Whip, wrap in Saran Wrap and freeze.  They really do taste like an ice cream sandwich, and for only 5 points!  SCORE.  It's a nice little treat on a hot, summer day.

I also tried out a batch of cupcakes made with the Funfetti cake mix and Sprite zero.  They were so moist and delicious.  All you do is mix the dry cake mix with 12 oz. of diet soda, pour 1/4 c. of the batter into each cupcake liner, and bake at 350 for 20 minutes.  I had intentions of topping them with Cool Whip, but they were so moist and delicious they didn't need any doctoring up! 

After the Memorial Day holiday and our anniversary dinner, I need to make sure that the rest of the days this week are spot on.  I am excited about this journey and look forward to seeing less and less of me each week! :)

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Tracy said...

Way to go! We are going on vacation soon, and as soon as we get back, I plan to start trying to lose weight again. I was doing really good on the Atkins diet, but life got crazy. I failed to plan ahead and that eating plan is not forgiving if you do. I look forward to following your Weight Watcher's journey.