Friday, July 16, 2010

Cabbage Patch Kid Hospital

Before you are allowed to enter, you have to stop by and register your visit. The nurses were really sweet and played their part well.
They had lots of dolls on display in little cabbage plants. You could pull one out, hold it, and then put it back if it was not the one you wanted. Precious! I think I had just as much fun as Mackaylan. If Mickey would have asked, I would have picked one out myself to take home! haha
Some of the ladies were giving Mickey a hard time because he was holding the doll like it was an actual baby. What can I say, he is a natural at fatherhood!

Of course, our visit wouldn't have been complete without watching a live birth.
Yes, this is the doctor conducting a sonogram. Blue = Boy
I loved the way the IV was shaped like a bottle. Too cute!

After the baby was born, the audience was able to assist with the naming. I think this doll was given the name Caleb Patrick, but I could be way off!

Here is Mackaylan with her new baby. She picked out a little girl and named her Maggie. Mickey and I joked that we never imagined we would be grandparents at the age of 31! :)

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