Monday, May 16, 2011

Make Me <<SMILE>> Monday

Due to the fact that we are all totally in love with our new addition I thought I would post a few recent pictures that are sure to bring a <<BIG SMILE>> to your face:

I believe this was Lydia’s first real smile.  It takes a lot of convincing, but I have gotten a few more out of her in the past few days.

2011-05-09 10.20.25

I call this next pic the “Peanut Pose.”  I think she looks like a little peanut sitting up on the big couch all by herself.  She is just so adorable I could eat her up (pardon the pun!)

2011-05-09 18.27.15

On Friday I had all intentions of publishing a “Hoppy” Friday post, but didn’t get around to it.  Yes, I said “Hoppy.”  I’m corny like that!

2011-05-13 14.11.30

Yay!  I finally caught a yawn on camera.  And if you are wondering, even yawns from a 6 week old are contagious!

2011-05-13 14.15.08

Lydia+cute pink bow from the clearance rack at Target= Be still my heart!

2011-05-15 12.06.40

Happy Monday!

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Avery's Mommy said...

Lana, she is just PRECIOUS! Makes me want another one. Just beautiful!