Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A “One-derful” Month


I can’t believe that Lydia is one month old!  Where does the time go?  In some ways it seems just like yesterday we found out we were pregnant and in other ways it seems like she has been apart of our family forever.  It’s amazing how someone that you have only known for a short time can capture your heart in such a mighty way.  Things are definitely different this time around, but I wouldn’t change anything for the world.  We prayed for this little girl for a long time and I feel blessed beyond belief that God would entrust us with another child.   So, here are a few facts about Lydia Avanelle and her 1st month of life….

  • She wears newborn diapers, and we go through LOTS of them everyday!
  • She loves her Sissy.  When Mackaylan talks to her she perks up immediately.


  • She enjoys eating (much like her mom!) at least every 2 hours.  Sometimes it feels like all I do is feed her.  We have started supplementing with formula a little each day and that seems to be working out just fine. Not only does it keep her satisfied for a little bit longer, but it allows others to assist with the feeding process and bond with her during that time.


  • After 4 weeks we are still trying to decipher her “language.”  The process is usually the same: Lydia cries, we pick her up, talk to her, walk around, try to burp her, check her diaper, check to see if she is hungry, rock or sway to test for sleepiness, etc.  This process will continue until she is calm (which usually happens right when you pick her up!) Surely, she can’t already be spoiled at 4 weeks?!?
  • She already has a few nicknames:  Leelo (from Mackaylan) and Lyd (from Mickey) plus other terms of endearment (Sweetles, Precious, Baby Girl, etc.).


  • She eats at least 3 times per night.  I really do not mind the feedings as long as she falls back to sleep once she is finished eating. However, getting her to bed is difficult.  I think she is asleep, swaddle her up, rock her for a few minutes, and put her in her crib. Usually after 15-30 minutes she is awake and needing someone to get her out of the crib! Maybe I am just trying to put her down too early?? I am sure this will get better once we have a more established routine.
  • Speaking of swaddling, if she is practically asleep she will accept it without a fuss.  However if she is awake- don’t even think about it.  She likes to have her hands up near her face not down by her side! I have discovered that keeping her arms either on her chest or slightly bent before swaddling works well. It’s just trial and error at this point! 
  • She likes to cross her legs. It is precious.  She sits or lays like this all the time:


  • She wears Newborn and 0-3 month clothes.
  • I purchased a Moby wrap and she enjoys being in it, especially for her afternoon nap. It allows me to get a few things done and she just sleeps right through it all! In honor of her 1 month birthday I ordered a K’tan too.  I have read that it is a little easier to get into than the Moby and it will provide us with options!


  • She is gaining so much more control over her neck and head.  I just love to watch her look around and explore her surroundings. 
  • She is a very alert child and has longer periods of awake time each and everyday. 
  • I love the way she keeps her thumb tucked in her fingers like this.  Maybe this is a sign that she will excel with baby sign language just like her sister did! Only time will tell….2011-04-26_17.30.081
  • She makes the cutest facial expressions without even knowing it.  I love the way she wrinkles up her forehead just like I do.  So far I am yet to get that on camera, but will soon I am sure.  It’s adorable!

In honor of Lydia’s one month birthday Mackaylan and I enjoyed a round of cake pops when she got home from school today!  (Thanks, Lisa and Amy!)


Here’s to a “one-derful” month!  We love you, Lydia!!!!


Our Family for His Glory said...

What a cutie!! You all look like you're doing so well!

Karmen said...

Happy one month birthday! She is beautiful! So glad y'all are doing well!

Jacy said...

Oh Lana! She is so adorable!! I just wanna give her sugars!!

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