Monday, May 23, 2011

A Very Important Week

This is a very important week around our house.  It’s a week of finales:


{{{{{{{{DRUM ROLL}}}}}}}}

Mackaylan will graduate from Kindergarten and her first year of school will come to an end.  A finale.  An end to one thing, but the beginning of many others. 

kk graduation

It seems just like yesterday I was rocking this little girl to sleep, singing her lullabies, and kissing her sweet toes.  Time sure does fly.  Today we are cuddled on the couch watching Oprah.  Tomorrow night it will be American Idol.  My little girl is growing up…

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The Price Family! said...

I am so excited about the American Idol finale! Finally a year that it does not matter which of the two win. I will still be happy!!