Friday, June 3, 2011

Letters from KK

This week Mackaylan has been on a letter writing craze.  I just love it!  I often leave love notes for Mickey on the door or around the house, and sometimes I will leave them for her in her lunchbox or bag when she is away for the night so watching her take on this act of kindness makes my heart swell.  It just reiterates to me that little eyes are always watching and imitating!

This first letter is one that she wrote to Mickey and put it by the door so he would see it right when he walked in the house.  This picture was taken with my phone so it is not of the best quality, but the words are priceless. 

water for dad

This letter is one that Mackaylan wrote to me after she decided it was time to pull out a very loose tooth.  Evidently I take after my Granny Hayes as a champion tooth puller because I have pulled all of her teeth so far with no tears.  The picture below is proof!

letter friday

tooth 6.3

Mackaylan left a note for the Tooth Fairy as well.  This note was written after a discussion about which pillow she should leave the tooth under:  the one she sleeps on or another one on her bed.  I told her I didn’t think it would matter, but she was afraid the Tooth Fairy might “give up” if the tooth wasn’t under the first pillow she looked under. Love it!

tooth fairy

So, that is our Feature Friday! I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.  Until next time….

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