Monday, June 27, 2011

One Special Saturday

Saturday was a very special day.  We started the morning off with breakfast at Fatz Café to support our local high school’s football team.  After a delicious breakfast of pancakes, fruit and sausage we headed to the Grand Opening of Toys ‘R Us/Babies ‘R Us.  We arrived just in time to meet Barbie:


After a little shopping we headed home to get ready for an afternoon by the pool at Jahpa’s.  Our cousins from “Cincinanny” were meeting us there for lunch and swimming.

DSC_0634DSC_0636Cousin weekend





It was so nice to be able to spend the afternoon with our family.  We are hoping to make a tradition each summer.  Next summer (unless someone else gets married) we are hoping to meet up somewhere between SC and Ohio for a Cousin’s Weekend.  Sounds like a fun tradition to start, don’t ya think?


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The Price Family! said...

oh my gosh we were at toys r us saturday around 12! Small world!