Saturday, May 15, 2010


Almost a year ago I decided to join a blogging weight loss challenge. I posted the reasons why I wanted to lose weight and a few things I wanted to do once the goal was achieved on this blog. Unfortunately, I did not successfully complete that challenge at the time. However, I did begin a weightloss plan lifestyle change in January and am very committed to this way of life. Today I wanted to take some time to revisit the list and edit accordingly. So….here it goes:

Reasons why I wanted to lose weight:
- to wear my original wedding band again
- to wear the many items of clothing that are taking up space in my closet
- to shop at regular clothing stores, not just ones with plus-size clothing
- to set a good example for my DD- in progress
- overall health- in progress
- to have a healthy pregnancy sometime soon- still in progress (Hence all of my posts on patience! LOL)

After reaching my goal, I want to:
- get family pictures made
- buy a pair of cute PJs- in progress
- go dancing with Mickey- in progress
- visit someplace tropical/beachy-in progress

So, there you have it! My goals. My progress so far. My next steps.

As you know, my best friend, Dawn, and I have been on this journey together. Next weekend we are treating ourselves to a day at the spa to celebrate her birthday and our success so far. I am so psyched! I am sure there will be lots of pictures to share after that adventure! :)