Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Ride of a Lifetime?!

I think I married the one of the luckiest men alive. On Saturday, during Sloan Family Day at Freedom Weekend Aloft, they gave all of the employees in attendance a raffle ticket for various prizes. You will never believe what happened? WE WON A FREE HOTAIR BALLOON RIDE!
We were worried at first about what to do with Mackaylan because you had to be 12 to take the flight, but our pilot and his crew were phenomenal and offerred to let her ride in the van as part of the chase crew. Our pilot also reassurred us that we did not exceed the weight limit despite the information from the young girl at the registration tent. LOL Anyway, after waiting around for a little over 2 hours on Saturday evening to launch we were grounded due to pop-up thunderstorms. However, we were encouraged to come back on Sunday morning at 6:30 to try again. Being that we only live 45 minutes from the event site, and this was a chance of a lifetime, we agreed to return. We arrived at the site, met up with our crew, and waited...and waited....and waited. It was very foggy. Once it finally cleared a little, the sun started to break through some of the clouds, but rain was moving into the area. To make a long story, a little shorter, after about 3 hours they raised the red flag and grounded the balloons again. The visibility was low and showers were on the way. They offerred to let us try again Sunday evening, but we opted out due to church obligations and the fact that returning for the third time didn't guarantee that the weather would cooperate and we would be able to take off. Even though we didn't get to actually ride we met some incredible people, experience the set-up and take-down of a hotair balloon, and of course got in the basket for a photo op! Oh well, maybe next year?!.........

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