Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday!

This afternoon Mackaylan suggested that we eat dinner out on the back porch. We have only done that a few times, and we all enjoy it when we do, so I thought it was a great idea! The only thing that stood in our way was the fact that all of the furniture was covered in pollen and the porch had been a major area of neglect around the O'Shields' house over the past few months. Needless to say, there was work to be done! So.... Mackaylan and I changed into our comfy clothes and headed outside with a bucket, cleaner, a few rags, the water hose, and a lot of "elbow grease!"

Like mother like daughter: Mackaylan's 1st to-do list

(boxes and all!)



Mackaylan gave our work a thumbs up!

PS If you are wondering how to get a five year old to help with a task such as this all you have to do is tell her that it is a new game called Princess Tiana and the Restaurant. Explain that the purpose of the game is to get the "restaurant" ready for opening night. As you are working keep her engaged by asking lots of questions about the type of food she will serve, the hours of her establishment, various items on the menu, and who her first customers will be. Two hours later your task will be complete!

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Robyn said...

Looks great! And I love the way you got her to help! LOL I'll have to remember that one.

Mom All Day