Saturday, January 8, 2011

27 Weeks


I'm 27 Weeks!

Size of baby: Baby O weighs around 2 lbs. (like a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long.  We are both growing like crazy.  It’s amazing how much my stomach has grown in the past few weeks.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: ? I'm trying to avoid the scale :)

Maternity Clothes: Oh, yes! I can still wear quite a few of my pre-weight loss tops from Lane Bryant, but the pants have to be maternity.  

Gender: Girl!  We have a name picked out, but I will wait to reveal it on the blog in a few more weeks. 

Movement: Yes! She is a very active little girl, and I love it!  I don’t remember Mackaylan ever moving this much, but it has been over 5 years…hmm?!  :)

Sleep: I still sleep pretty good, but do have to get up to go to the restroom quite a few times!

What I miss: Nothing! We have been praying for this baby for so long I feel nothing but blessed!

Cravings: Lately my only craving is a cookie from The Great America Cookie Company.  I guess I need to go use my birthday coupon so I can indulge for FREE!

Symptoms: I have definitely been more emotional with this baby, but some will argue that has nothing to do with pregnancy! *wink*wink* 

Best moment this week: Working to get the nursery ready.  It was a pretty big undertaking to clean out and organize in order to make room for the crib.  Now, I’m just waiting on Mick to get down the crib so we can put on the bedding.  Mackaylan was adamant that we keep the twin bed in that room in case her baby sister started crying at night and she needed to go sleep in there with her.  She is just so excited about being a big sister.  I love it!

Update/Extra information: I passed my glucose test with flying colors! Woo Hoo!  Also, this is my last week in the 2nd trimester.  The next time I update I will be on the home stretch.  We are all so excited!

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Suze said...

You are growing, that 2nd child is something else ;) always. mom will vouch for that! lol. hows the nursery coming?!!? J is due at end of jan/begin of feb and STILL no name! My sis is OCD and a planner so we are all STUNNED and MAD about her not having a name but she said with commone last night they have to pick smething very differnt. whatever sis! so we are all on pins and needles wanting to hear a name because we all want to go get stuff monogrammed of course but can't due to her having no name! I just pray that you and mickey name this child something they will like ha ha because i still give moma a hard time about my name and how i despise it due to just so many people misspell it and it sounds like an old lady! Anyway, glad your feeling good and things are going well with baby #2 :) stay warm as this big snow approaches the south!