Sunday, January 9, 2011

Birthday Bash #1

On Friday night, my family gathered at my mom and dad’s to celebrate two very special birthdays. My sister was born January 4th and I was born January 11th-  exactly 9 years and 1 week apart.  The neat thing about that is Mackaylan and her little sis will be born 6 years and 1 week apart (if I give birth on my due date!)  Pretty neat, huh?! 

Anyway, I think my mom got a little “Sandra Lee” fever with her tablescape idea, but we all got a big kick out of it, especially my hubby!  I kept teasing my mama that the gift wrap she used in the centerpiece was probably something she wrapped my birthday presents in when I was 5! ha 


We spent the first part of the evening reminiscing by going through a big box of old trophies, awards, and crowns.  Mackaylan couldn’t believe that her mama had her very own princess tiara (2 actually, but who’s bragging? haha)  One tiaras was from a pageant I was in when I was 5 or 6 and the other one was from high school when I was crowned Prom Queen.  Have I ever told you that Mickey and I were Prom Queen and King? Anyway, I digress again…



Before the trophies were discarded we all picked one that we were most proud of to have our picture made.  My trophy was the Grace Wofford Memorial Award (from my years in the LHS Cardinal Pride Marching Band- kind of like “Best All Around.”) My sister chose the trophy she received when she won Little Miss Campobello, and mama chose the Revco Sweetheart Run trophy.  That one was hilarious because she still isn’t convinced that she actually ran in the race?!


The rest of the evening consisted of a taco salads, brownies, a round of Apples to Apples, gifts, and lots of conversation. 





It was a great night full of food, family and fun!  I mean, who wouldn’t love celebrating the birthdays of these adorable people?


Tonight we head over to the O’Shields to celebrate even more!  Mickey’s sister, Betsi, and I share the same birthday (with a few years in between!) So, it will be another round of food, family and fun!


And, just because it is very hard for me to post without a picture of our little princess:


Have a super Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope it's a GREAT one!!