Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sissy!


I feel very blessed to have an older sister.  Even though 9 years separates us in age,  she is still one of my best friends and our relationship only gets stronger each and everyday.  So… in honor of her special day, I wanted to share a *few* reasons why I love I love her so much! 

My Sissy (aka Lori or Senora McCool) is……

  1. dependable
  2. loving
  3. patient
  4. caring
  5. hard working
  6. a devoted Christian
  7. wife
  8. mother
  9. sister
  10. aunt
  11. creative
  12. thoughtful
  13. daughter
  14. University of Tennessee fan
  15. lover of football
  16. baker
  17. frugal
  18. teacher
  19. beautiful
  20. clever
  21. helpful
  22. tender-hearted
  23. delightful
  24. faithful
  25. happy
  26. kind
  27. committed
  28. delicate
  29. delightful
  30. cautious
  31. capable
  32. smart
  33. fashionable
  34. fabulous
  35. knowledgeable
  36. outstanding
  37. terrific
  38. responsible
  39. busy
  40. spontaneous
  41. spectacular

I love you, Sissy!  I hope 2011 is your best year yet!



Kristen said...

yall are too cute!

it is nice to have an older sister... even though my older sister is only a minute older! :)

happy birthday to your sister!

Alicia said...

That was so sweet! I am close to my older sister, so I can totally understand where you're coming from. Sister relationships are like no other.