Saturday, January 8, 2011


As I sit here on this early Saturday morning, I am very excited about what the weekend holds.  Snow is in the forecast for Sunday night/Monday, and in the south that means pandemonium.  Everyone heads to the nearest grocery store to stock up on milk, bread and other necessities.  The Blockbuster kiosk and Pic-a-Flick have people lined up for miles to rent movies and video games- just in case!  Teachers are holding their breath hoping for that phone call, email notification, or text message that school is closed for a few extra days just so they can recoup from their first week back from Christmas break.  Kids are found staring out the window watching for the first flake to fall.  Parents are watching the weather, gathering up boots, scarves, mittens, jackets, and sleds in order to be fully prepared for building snowmen and sledding until midnight!  At this time, the meteorologists do not know exactly what the clouds hold, but the anticipation of what may come is very exciting to this (almost) 32 year old!  So, for now, while I wait on the next weather report, I will sit and browse the internet, upload some photos, and continue to prepare for the remainder of the weekend and the week ahead.  Yet, all the while secretly hoping that my new sparkling snow candle will bring us just that!


Happy Saturday!


Kirby and Anna said...

You are so right about the teacher part... My husband and I are teachers in North Myrtle Beach and we are holding our breath... they often don't call snow correctly for the Grand Strand (but we're still hoping)!

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm also hoping for snow! They are calling for snow for us here in AR Sunday and Monday too!! Only been back to school for 5 days and already hoping for a snow day!! lol!

Casey said...

We are supposed to get it in Louisiana too. On New Years Eve, it was 79 degrees! Crazy weather but praying for SNOW!!!